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Kenwood Adrian Steel

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Shaffer Communications, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE is a leading provider of communication services with a focus on Kenwood Two-Way Radio sales, and related services. The Company began in the mid 1960’s and has since been in the forefront of Radio Communications in Nebraska. Our promise is to listen to your needs and find a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Shaffer Communications, Inc

Solutions that we have for you in regards to your communication needs include:

To assist in providing you a complete solution we also provide truck and van equipment that allows us to fit any vehicle you may have with your cutting edge needs. The companies that we work with include:


We appreciate you visiting our website and encourage you to stop in and get acquainted either at our shop or at one of the trade shows that we attend in the area. We appreciate each and every customer, and have a deep understanding that it is you the customer that allows us the privilege of keeping our doors open. For that we Thank You.






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